HMAS Swan Dive 2nd Feb


On Sat 2nd Feb, 3 divers took part in a couple of dives on the HMAS Swan.

Dive 1 saw us penetrate the wreck around midships on the starboard side, 2 decks down, swim through to the stern,
up a deck then back towards the bow, popped out on the port side, before re-entering and little further along and the then exiting just before the bow. After a short photo stop at the bow we returned along the upper deck to midships where the dive was ended and after a mandatory safety stop at 6m, we surfaced.
Dive 2. We had a surface interval of a little over 1 hour and so decided the second dive would be used to look around the top deck and associated superstructure.Trainee Sport Diver Darryl was tasked with leading the dive, under the ever watchful eye of instructor Andy. There is plenty to see at these upper levels, with a visit to the bridge a must! It was long before our time was up, so surfaced after a short safety stop and climbed back on the boat.

Back on dry land it was visit to the Dunsborough Bakery for a pie and coffee, its not to be missed, before the 3 hour drive home.

All dives were completed using EAN32 in 15l cylinders, to maximise our bottom time available.

HMAS Swan is a purpose sunk wreck, scuttled in 1997, she sits in around 30msw in Geographe Bay. There are plenty off purpose cut opening along her sides and between decks, allowing for safe entry and exit.
They are several permanent moorings on her for both charter and private boats. We dived with Cape Dive, who are based in Dunsborough and are one of the two charters that are tasked with monitoring the condition of the wreck.


Dunsborough, Western Australia

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